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String Art Kits
Overlapping Asteriods

Help your students begin to love math again with our hands-on string art projects that enable students to learn concepts easily. Build self-esteem by accomplishing seemingly impossible tasks, and let their smiling faces reflect their pride.

To anyone who thinks math isn’t fun, let this be your invitation to discover how much fun string art math can be! Browse our hexagon designs, circle designs, and square designs, find the project or projects that are appropriate for the grade level you teach – and see what thousands of students, teachers, and parents have raved about for almost 40 years!
These string art kits are the result of an elective class my father taught called “Math Enrichment” in the early 70’s.  His objective was to find manipulative projects that would be enjoyable for the students and relate to their math curriculum.  After buying and trying to use commercially available products, he found that they were expensive and difficult to adapt to heterogeneously grouped classes.

The projects developed were created with the following goals in mind:

  1. Projects that would appeal to all ability levels,
  2. Projects that use readily available and inexpensive materials,
  3. Projects that could be successfully completed by students in a wide range of grades, and
  4. Projects that require very little teacher preparation time to use in the classroom.

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Versatility and Value

You are able to create 45 different designs, 15 each from 3 different patterns:

Card 1 – Circle

Card 2 – Hexagon

Card 3 – Square

Once you are familiar with the quantities used to accommodate your students, you will be able to resupply yourself with custom quantities from one school year to the next. Keep in mind that you will never need another instruction booklet, you will only need to reorder cards, thread, and needles. You will use approximately 14 to 16 spools of thread for every package of 50 cards.

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