Most wheelchair lifts feature

Most wheelchair lifts feature a variety of safety features, including emergency stops, non-skid floor panels, track sensors, and backup battery systems.

When buying Passenger Lifts a wheelchair lift, it is advisable to check at least three manufacturers before making a purchase, because the systems vary in function and price. In your search, go online to find manufacturers that offer a variety of models and have demonstration centers where you can view the products and try them out. You can contact these companies by phone or email to learn more about their products and get free quotes.
There are various types of lifts available on the market to cater for access problems presented to people with disabilities within the home or work place. Below is a list of the most common lifts available and a brief description their uses and workings.


Home-lifts are through ceiling vertical lifts designed for residential households as opposed to commercial buildings and will carry one passenger either seated or in a wheelchair. These are generally open type lifts with half cars i.e.with 1200mm high sides and door, and without a roof. Home-lifts are space-saving in that they do not require a shaft and travel on guide rails either attached to the wall or free-standing. When the lift is parked upstairs the entire downstairs is left free with only the guide rails remaining visible. Similarly, when the lift is parked downstairs the upstairs is left free and the floor aperture is automatically sealed using a floating trap door which is attached to the upper side of the lift car. Installation takes 3 to 4 days and there is some temporary disruption due to the cutting of the floor aperture and possible re-routing of electric cables and piping.

For handicapped individuals, climbing stairs can be difficult or impossible and for many wheelchair lifts can be an enormous benefit. However, there is no single model on the market, so consider what works for your situation.

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