PCO Training – Topographical Skills Test – Becoming a Minicab Driver in London

Driving in London to make a living is a popular choice by many people living in around London. The earning potentials are high and the busy 24/7 activeness of London insures there is plenty of work for mini cab drivers around the clock.

So it comes at no surprise that becoming a minicab driver in London is a sought after way to either make a full time living or as for many others a way of topping up their wages by working part time.

How to Become a Private Hire Minicab Driver in London

There are 2 types of taxi/minicab services in London. One is the black taxi licence and the other is Private Hire Minicab Licence. The difference is that black taxi drivers must complete their knowledge and memorise a section of London and can then be hailed and pick up passengers from anywhere. The second type, which is the more popular type and the one we will be discussing, is the Private Hire Minicab Licence, which allows you to work but you must be working with a licensed operator who will send you the jobs.

To begin, anyone looking to become a private hire minicab driver in London must firstly be 21 years old or more and have held their full UK or EEA driving licence for 3 or more years.

The licensing body for the private hire minicab licence is Transport for London (TfL), so all new drivers must begin by applying for their PHV (Private Hire Vehicle) Licence via their website – Once registered you can select to have your Private Hire Licence application pack sent to you home. The pack should arrive within 10 working days.

While you wait for the application to arrive you can take the following steps.

PCO Training – Topographical Skills Test

As a part of the PCO/PHV Licence application process you must complete a Topographical Skills Assessment. Locate a reliable topographical skills centre and then book a time and date to get your PCO Training and Topographical Skills Assessment completed. This is a basic compulsory test which assesses your map reading ability, route mapping ability and general knowledge of motorways and counties in and around London.

Complete your enhanced DBS CRB Check

You must be able to provide your enhanced DBS CRB certificate to prove that you are of good character. This is due to the fact that you will be dealing directly with the public working as a minicab driver. These checks can be completed online and the post office. Most topographical skills centres will also help you complete this if you find it difficult.

By the time you complete these two things, you should hopefully have received you TfL Private Hire Licence application form (Blue Form) along with the PHV Medical Form (Yellow Form).

Private Hire Medical Declaration

The yellow medical form must be taken to you GP, who will charge you anything from £40 – £200 to assess your health and complete your medical declaration. This is also another compulsory part of getting your Private Hire Minicab licence in London. If there is any difficulty getting an appointment from your own GP or they prove to be too expensive, you can always get your free medical summary from your GP and take it to a private GP service like Minicab Medical, who charge just £80 to provide the same service.

Once you have your topographical skills certificate, your DBS CRB certificate and your medical declaration (yellow form), you must make the relevant copies of you driving licence, passport or ID Cards and send them off with you completed PHV/PCO Licence application form (blue form) to Transport for London using the envelope provided. They usually process your application within 2 weeks of receipt and on average you should receive your Private Hire Licence within 6 to 8 weeks.

Got my Private Hire Licence, what do I do now?

Once you have you private hire licence, you can essentially begin working as a private hire driver right away. The fastest option is to go find a minicab operator in London that provides you with a car and insurance etc, most will let you sign up and start on the same day.

Alternatively you may purchase your  Chauffeur Service London own vehicle, but this does mean you have to go through the process of getting your vehicle licensed by Transport for London and then get your own hire and reward insurance and then join a minicab operator who allows you to use your own vehicle.

Whatever options you choose, there is great money to be earned by working as a minicab driver. Once you’re fully confident you may even go on to work as an executive or chauffeur driver. Having a minicab licence in London can also be an excellent fall back for time where you may be out of work.

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