Interview with Dhruba Purkayastha: The Future of Distributed Renewable Energy in India

In this episode of the Power               for All podcast, Divya Kottadiel speaks with Dhurba Purkayastha, who leads the group at CPI in developing revolutionary finance and coverage solutions in assist of the authorities’s renewable energy and green …

Factsheet: Solarizing Rural Health Centers in India.Png
Factsheet: Solarizing Rural Health Centers in India
As of 2019, four.Three% of India’s rural Primary Health Centres (PHCs) did now not have acce…

Going beyond the grid: The future of allotted energy in India.Png
Going beyond the grid: The future of dispensed strength in India
Distributed renewable electricity has a prime position in improving energy get entry to and sus…

Power for All
in India
Through its Saubhagya initiative, India presently is at 99.99% electrification with simplest 18,734 families without power. However, the great and reliability of power get admission to stays an difficulty, as does the lengthy-time period sustainability of the largely grid-based technique. Power for All’s work in India is targeted on constructing a effective, proof-based narrative for the u . S . A .’s decentralized renewable electricity (DRE) quarter, to highlight its important function in not best offering exceptional, fiscally accountable and client-centric 24/7 electricity offerings to India’s rural poor, but improving livelihoods and generating financial activity and employment.

Divya Kottadiel
Divya Kottadiel
Communications Director, India

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Rural agribusiness possibilities in India.Jpg
Fact Sheet: Rural agribusiness possibilities in India
With sixty five% of its population in rural areas, India remains a exceptionally agricultural u . S .. Yet post-harvest losses amount to approximately US$thirteen billion annually. Emerging agricult…

podcast India electrification.Png
Podcast: India’s electrification tale
Saubhagya changed into a success, but more desires to be performed; We want a multi-pr…

India case study.Jpg
India Case Study: Moving “Beyond Access”
Using its integrated, proof-based totally campaign approach, Power for All ha…

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