Why Are Ugg Boots So Popular?

First of all, they are popular because they are trendy. Ugg boots are trendy because famous actors like Leonardo DiCaprio are wearing them proudly. If Uggs are good enough for millionaire actors then they must be good enough for all of us. There are other reasons they are popular of course, including the fact that they are comfortable, stylish, practical and visible.

When you ask why Ugg boots are so popular it pays to take a brief look at the history of the boot. They have a sheepskin exterior with a woolen liner. Farmers and sheepherders in the southern hemisphere prefer this type of boot because of practicality and comfort. Imagine standing in a meadow all day watching sheep; you would definitely want comfortable boots. In the United States the boots have long been popular with surfers and swimmers because they provide instant warmth and comfort. www.mallshoes.co.il

We all know that Uggs are popular because the stars prefer them but there must be other reasons as well. One additional reason for their popularity is their comfort. Ugg owners say that their boots are amazingly comfortable. It turns out that there is a good reason for that. When you slip on an Ugg boot, you do it sockless. Your feet instantly caresses soft, warm leather. What can be more comfortable than that? The one inch synthetic sole also makes walking a breeze. The boots also feature an extra wide toe-box, providing plenty of room for ever size foot.

Style is important to people who ask why Ugg boots are so popular. Just take one look at a celebrity wearing them with a pair of jeans and you will soon agree that the boots are stunning and truly look good with any winter outfit. Many Ugg owners up the ante on Ugg’s fashionability by tucking them into their jeans for a classic, ski bum look.

Uggs are also practical. If you are going to have to walk around in chilly conditions, you might as well do so with a boot that provides superior comfort. You also don’t have to worry about finding matching socks. Just put your feet in the boots and head for the door. Practicality is a key feature for these boots.

You could not buy the kind of visibility that these boots enjoy today. They are worn by a number of A-list celebrities who gush about their comfort and looks. With this kind of press it is a given that Ugg boots will be popular for a long time. They may even gain some customers with the publicity gained from their recent trademark battle. After all, there is no such thing as bad publicity.


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