Tips on Doing Niche Market Research

Construction contractors need to create a marketing plan that targets their industry niche. Niche marketing is the long standing practice of attracting highly targeted customers looking for a company’s specific product or service. A contractor specializing in residential framing should direct their efforts to residential general contractors, not commercial electricians.  solusikonstruksi  Sounds like common sense, right?

Specializing within an industry creates separation for a company distinguishing it as an expert. The construction industry is one of the best examples of this concept. Building anything larger than a backyard fort requires dozens or even hundreds of highly specialized niche contractors from concrete to framing to plumbing to electrical to roofing, etc. The company’s specialty will dictate the niche marketing to be established.

Subcontractors need to know their target customer inside and out. That customer could be general contractors or other subcontractors or the general public. Knowing this information is critical to establishing an effective niche marketing plan. It determines what efforts need to be implemented in order to attract the right customer without wasting time or, more importantly, money.

If a contractor’s target customers are general contractors, a plan to get in front of the decision maker is crucial. Is that done through traditional direct mail campaigns, email newsletters, trade industry networking groups or social media like LinkedIn or Facebook? What about using a combination of all avenues? How have general contractors in past reached out to the company? This historical information is used to craft the right media and approach, whether it is print or digital, to attract the right customers.

The most effective construction niche marketing strategy must have an affordable budget. It does not need to be tens-of-thousands of dollars. It needs to be an amount the company can commit to upfront and realize effective marketing takes time. There is no magic switch that turns on and begins pouring leads into a sales funnel over night. If someone boasts they have the switch and for $XX,XXX will instantly turn it on, run, very fast, the other direction. Follow the lead of the big boys. Large corporations understand this. It is called branding and it takes time to establish a trust between the company and its niche customers, regardless of the product or service offered.

Most niche marketing efforts have little to no cost involved. It mostly requires time of the business owner getting out, shaking hands, passing out business cards, and being a presence in the community.

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